True Letters from a Fictional Life is available from your favorite bookseller (or one of mine).

“Logan’s debut is a funny and realistic coming-out tale. . . . The rounded characters deal with betrayal and honesty and love and near tragedy in ways teen readers, gay or straight, will recognize. If there are an awful lot of ‘dudes’ in the dialogue, that just adds to the verisimilitude. Just the right touch of humor, mystery, drama, and romance should earn this a place on every teen bookshelf.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Logan handles his material exceptionally well, building suspense as he dramatizes both the downside of being in the closet and the realistic complications of coming out, while creating, in James, an unusually thoughtful and sympathetic character. His friends and family, too, come alive as believable and multidimensional characters whose relationships with James add depth to this satisfying debut.” —Booklist

“We need stories that give courage to kids struggling to be honest with themselves and others about who they are. Logan tells one that will give you hope and make you laugh.” —Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy midfielder, former midfielder for the US National Soccer Team

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